Wingfoil lessons and rental

Because we can adapt our private Wingfoil lesson completely to your level, you learn the fastest. You will not end up in a crowded group with strangers, but you will get all the attention you deserve and what you pay for. If you want to come with more friends, that is also possible, but the maximum group size is three people. We provide everything you need to Wingfoil and have the best and newest equipment ready for you. You only need to bring your swimsuit and towel. A lesson lasts 90 minutes and after the lesson you can Wingfoil for another 30 minutes. On this page you can find all the information about renting and you can see exactly when we still have availability for a lesson and book your lesson within three minutes.

Wingfoil Lessons information

Wing foiling has a steep learning curve. While windsurfing takes years before you fly over (or above ..) the water, you learn that much faster with wingfoiling. But the beginning is difficult. You really have to persevere. Of course, a few good lessons make a big difference.

The focus of our lessons is: Practicing on the water! But we cannot avoid starting with some theoretical matters. We want everyone to have a basic knowledge of the gear first. The safety part is also necessary. Then we get to work on the wing. First briefly on the shore and then on a large windsurf board. Within 20 minutes we are on the water! You learn how to climb on the board, stand up and how to best catch the wind with the wing. Is it possible to sail back and forth? Then we take a wingboard with a foil underneath.

You can choose with how many people you take a lessons. We never put you in a group with “strangers”. That way you decide who you want to hang out with. For the best learning result you bring only 1 or 2 people. That is why you can only register with us for a lesson with a maximum of 4 people at the same time. After the class of 90 minutes you can practice for yourself for another 30 minutes. After all the instruction, it is very important to practice on your own.

You don’t need any other “surf” experience to learn how to Wingfoil. But someone with windsurf, kite, or foil experience will generally learn a lot faster. If you book a second lesson, we’ll pick up where we left off in lesson one. That is the advantage of a private lesson.

In terms of equipment, we take care of everything. The best boards and foils from Duotone. We have ION wetsuits, shoes, helmets and impact vests. Everything is included in the lesson price. You only need to bring your swimwear and towel. And of course a large stack of sandwiches. If you have your own stuff, it is useful to take it with you. Especially when it comes to a wetsuit and shoes. Nothing is better than your own warm, dry wetsuit! And if you already have a board and wing, it is of course best to use that.


Wing Foil Private Lesson

90 minutes of wingfoil lesson + 30 minutes of self-practice after the lesson. Including all the gear:

1 person: € 120,00
2 persons: € 78,00 per person
3 persons: € 68,00 per person
4 persons: € 54,00 per person

Click on the BOOK NOW button on this page to see our availability and book your lesson!


Wing Foil Private Course

Three 90 minutes lessons + 30 minutes of self-practice after the each lesson. Including all the gear:

1 person: € 292,00
2 persons: € 188,00 per person
3 persons: € 157,00 per person
4 persons: € 136,00 per person

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Not sure if you like it?

You can always start with a Single Wing Foil lesson. Once you have completed this lesson, you can book the ‘Upgrade to Course’ and two more lessons will be added. The total price is then the same as if you booked the Wingfoil Course in one go.


Wingfoil rental

For our lessons we use the best and newest equipment. If you have had a wing foil lesson, it is also possible to rent this equipment. We have every size board, every size foil and every size wing. Check the Wingfoil materiaal en Verhuur page for all the info

Wingfoil set rental price for 90 minutes

€ 58,- for 90 minutes. A set consists of: board + foil + wing + suit + shoes + helmet + impact vest.

Wingfoil separate item rental price for 90 minutes

  • Wingfoil Board: € 21,-
  • Foil: € 21,-
  • Wing: € 21,-
  • Wetsuit and shoes: € 21,-
  • Helmet + impact vest: € 21,-


  • Renting is only possible if you have had lessons or already know how to wing foil.
  • The minimum rental period is 90 minutes. After the first hour we charge per 15 minutes.
  • The “rental time” starts when the items are ready and ends when they are returned to us. Do you want a break? No problem! But because we cannot rent the items to someone else, your ‘rental time’ will continue.
  • Damage on the shore or on the water is the responsibility of the user.

Because we are often teaching on the water, make sure you are there at one of the these times: 9:15 am or 11:00 am or 12:45 pm or 2:45 pm. Then you don’t have to wait and we can get you on the water quickly!

Do you want to rent? Always call, email, text or app us one day in advance!

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